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For the first I come a big organization ,who gave birth to famous people especially in Indonesia ,which is base on islam . PMII that is name organization ,which Is very famous for yellow blue in its flag ,which has meaning in every picture in its flag. Who didn’t know PMII? The answer is my self,from children until high school I do not know PMII,  I am know PMII at state islamic Jakarta . so how about if myself didn’t studying here , my whole life will to not know what a PMII ? I am sure that really much youngsters do not know PMII like me, it is started from junior high school, senior high school until student at university . so how we should  introduce this organization?

So why  people do not know PMII?,what is wrong?what is missing? In my opinion I think that wrong is members of PMII itself ,why? I said like that cause really much members of PMII Do not know what is the real movement ,what should they do etc. and especially I see at PMII komfaksyahum.

As a big organization  we should do a real action for the momevment in this organization, if we only has very much members but not acting and no doing anything to kompaksyahum so for what that? Or only  hangoiting at besment faculty ,under tree, so for what that? As we know PMII kompaksyahum need multitalent members to bring this organization to be better. We donot need members like this, we need  a member has a big comintment,big action,and big future goals. For example   members of hindrets of PMII kompaksyahum  only ten people activing to join engglish class. So this is really great activity but why so a few  followers ?

I has  a suggestion for all members of PMII kompaksyahum to be better ,come on we movement ,do something,do what we can,not only hang out not clear and spend our time, for exsample we do positive activity social service,show talent and interest like playing futsal, playing basketball,playing table tennis and etc, and then we make a group discussion exsample like a , group of scientists,group of sport,group of entrepreneurship,group of language ,group of mueslim discussion and another else.

So what is real action already us to do? As time went  I hope who  Is read this my note can get’s a big profit and do special at PMII kompaksyahum to be better.

At the last time but not least I say thank to you for all  people reading my writing and I say really big thanks to my sahabat/sahabati from HPI Semester 2 especially izzul,amlina,annisa,Yasser,amir,fahrul,andika,azzer,maulana,syarif and farhan  what again I say big thanks  to bring me at this organization from zero until know. We know in the class we are minority but I really sure we can be better from the majority aamiin,keep solid,and always keep the relationship. And then thanks to brother ali maksum, fayed,hasin etc to always guide us. then thanks to all members of english class especially mr faisal,miss abel,and miss nadia assegaf.

I am sorry for my misstake and I close Whith saying.


By: Deswir Saputra (Kader HPI Smt 2)

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